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Forget Legal Beagles - This Guy's A Dog

So what I'm doing for income right now is legal transcription; I'm working on building up my business to specialize in superior and Supreme court appeals, but I get all kinds of things.

I'm having to damp down the urge to shout out commentary on the one I'm working on now (I do sometimes at home, just to enliven tedium at times) because I'm in a semi-public area.  This private investigator?  Is starting to strike me as a dirty old man.  18-year-old woman has brought complaints of past sexual abuses against a relative; of course, there are some standard questions that (usually) address potential background information.  The PI is getting a *liiittle* detailed asking questions about the girl's current sexual practices and those of her teen years, and he starts to sound a little breathless.  You can't get too caught up emotionally in what testimony is *about* in terms of subject matter, and I've had to document some pretty horrific things; this guy?  Sounds positively turned on.  It's creepy, and it's making me irritated.
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Hurricane Sandy

Any of my peeps in the path, please update as you are able with your safety and status.

Feeling kind of like a ghoul watching the reports, but it does mean the likelihood that Scott will be deployed for a week or two in the near future to do preliminary damage assessments.  No specific word yet, but the President has issued emergency management declarations in several states today, and Scott got a request for a 'ping' that he was ready.  So we'll see what we see.
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A good afternoon picking gala apples at Cesare and Astrid's with Michael and Francesca.  We were going over all the things we might make with apples; got any favourites?
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Documents completed.

Dinner is et.

Fire in woodstove.

"Serenity" because I have days where it feels like I'm alone in the black save for my fearless crew who dress weird.

We had to bring in Willow, one of our porch kitties, tonight because he is soaking wet.  Scott has been dismantling the old rotten side deck (it will enjoy graded renovations as we have time and materials to become something more manageable and less injury-inducing), and I think Willow doesn't have his favourite hidey-holes any more.  He is currently ensconced in the front bedroom with food, water, litterbox and comfy bed covered with stuffed animals to cuddle up with and get warm.  He will go back out when it gets less soggy out, and we can work with him to figure out a winter shelter where he wants to sleep.  I found some plans for kitty cabinettes, made out of old coolers or tubs, that I sent to Scott a couple of years ago and he built a very effective one for the front porch that has had feline inhabitants in past winters; the bedding probably needs laundering and changing.  

I need to go start bread and herbed grains for tomorrow.  This is a new site, so it's uncertain how the ground will be for parking.  There is a plan to shoot undercover, and pavilions to hang out in, so it should be low-key.
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A Simple Truth

I don't care what party you're voting for:  one of the big political memes for the past couple of decades has been about government being run like a business.

It's not a business; it's a far more complex structure that's about more than turning a profit for its shareholders.

It's government.  It is an entity of and to itself.  That was clearly demonstrated with the global economic crisis when our treasury bonds weren't functioning as they should, causing a complex domino fall that I can't even begin to accurately document here (among other things, not being a trained economist).  The government *needs* to operate with some deficit spending - and as a voter and taxpayer, I prefer that be spent on social and populist infrastructure, not war materiel and oil subsidies.

The sooner we get over the "big business" model, the better off we'll all be.
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If You Read and/or Write Historical Fiction, or enjoy History...

Poll #1870207 For Readers and Writers of Historical Fiction

Please answer only if you read historical fiction at least once in a while: which person/topic would you be most interested in reading a new historical novel about?

Charlemagne through the eyes of the women in his life
Jane Seymour, King Henry VIII's third wife
Emma of Normandy, Queen to Aethelred the Unready and Cnut of Denmark & England
Marguerite Capet, the Young Queen
Agnes Capet, later Anna of Byzantium, Louis VII's youngest daughter
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Haven't Been On in Forever

Yeah - keep thinking about writing - never really have the time, and FB can absorb the off-the-cuff remarks.

Lots going on - lots of little moving parts.  Welcome to Hot October Days.  :-)

I'll have to catch up on people and communities, if I get time.